End of an Era…

Just took my last ride

on what 10 years ago, I had my first.

‘The Blue Streak’, ‘Funky Ferrari’,

‘The Official Fest Car’

and ‘Mera Chalta-Firta Ghar’.


You helped me record my-world’s shortest time

of mere 11 minutes for changing a flat, after you had given

me (AND my friends) enough practice at that.

And who says you were slow, afterall

I got my first speeding ticket riding you.


DBA 8526…

You’re gone today in the most unceremonious way –

for a Maruti Ritz and a mere 20K.

Today marks the end of a terrific era

But before that, here’s one that I owe to you –


Cheers to all the long drives, and to all the short ones. To the many two-hours spent and to Gin to sit by me through those. To all the months spent parked at Sushant to the night spent outside Nizamuddin. Cheers to Harry&Happy and Bij&Ayodh and to all the jokes that included you. Cheers to all the no-nakhra-ignitions and to all the chamachs that helped us through. Cheers to Anil uncle and Gulshanji who fought for long in keeping you. Cheers to Ma and to that Innova, who hit you once but got our blood through. Cheers to racing the Enfields and the cop that let me go since he recognised you. Cheers to the sidekick, shelter and changing room and to all the kids who got some stuff because of you. Cheers to the 26-good-years spent well, but above all, my dear dear Car –  a loud and clear three cheers to YOU!

DBA 8526 - As on 23rd August, 2011

Missing you already 😦


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