Multiple personalities

I switch.

I prioritise things I would do, or I could do today

during the ten minute walk from the metro station.

I sit. and sit. and sit through, till the list depletes.


I switch

and become invisible to sneak out

for a quick lunch with friends.

the 7 courses of meal and conversations follow.

My hands are full with the fresh paan I want and pencils I don’t need.


I switch

and meet you with people you call friends

and realise you also only just met them.

We share a drink. or two. or three

and leave with a promise to go on a trip next month


I switch

and find you in my house.

and we find privacy with the doors still open.

“It’s just you”, I say. And you agree with a smile.

And we become invisible. Together this time.


I switch

and meet you on the terrace, with

people who define the word ‘friends’ to you as much as to me

and we live a life that’s 10-year old. Not connecting eyes.

Or at least we try, to see through each other.

I become invisible, but only to you this time.


I switch, and you switch too.


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