High on Spirit!

The day wasn’t exactly a drag – with the incessant rain, water clogged roads and a 4 hour-long official meeting in my car on a Sunday morning. All the much-awaited-plans of meeting friends got bummed up. Having car troubles, and some others. Aren’t these all reasons to feel terrible? But I felt@home instead, rather emphatically!

Chirag Dilli Flyover saw a  set of most passionate people today declaring their faith in the Public Transport Delhi has acquired recently. With drum rolls and banners and red shirts and chants that still ring in my head. We beat the weather god and hypnotized the Mercedes users to leave their cars for the public transport. 150 young minds flaunted a strong will, and Delhi accepted. I saw the conviction spreading right where we were, when people from the crowd joined us and I couldn’t differentiate between them and us any more. I never knew I could share so much in common with people I had never met before and that I’d literally feel so much at home with… Passion is so contagious!

Three cheers to the Y4PT team – Tarun Man, Priya Rawat and Rashi Saxena. Three cheers to TERI University’s fantastic troupe. Three Cheers to DMITS management and above all … Three cheers to Public Transport, for making us feel@home!

What a high…

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