First day at the “women’s hostel” aka IIHS!

8:45 am. Reception of IIHS. Someone, who I later came to know as Satish, looked at me with utter surprise. I’m not yet sure whether that was to see anyone in office at that time, or was it just me. Richa walked in after climbing up 8 floors to reach the office, not as flustered as I would have imagined had I known this fact earlier. Excited and helpful, all at the same time, she helped me locate myself immediately. And in no time the office was full of women and only a few of other kind.

After moving around on a couple of hot seats, Kavita happily offered hers to me to use for the day. And here I am sitting next to Gautam and behind Anokhi and Amlan. Time for a brain storming session that lasted 4 hours. Topic being the January institute and what it would look like. I defended the theme of Urban development, so in turn I had to write a pitch for it. “No worries”, I thought, if only I knew it would take me the rest of the day to write one paragraph Version 6 – Which I finished when there was only me and a monkey sitting right outside my window. (I wonder what he was doing on the 8th floor anyway. Must be to give me company). But well… They definitely go DEEP, which is only great. Gautam, who often talks to himself, at least that’s what it seemed, and then breaks out into singing songs celebrating the rain outside. Distracting, but welcome!

I had to squeeze in time and some other’s to get me on with the work they had hired me in the first place for. At least so I could start with that tomorrow. What a data, but I hope I make some sense out of it. Hopefully in a fewer versions, if possible!

But all in all A FANTASTIC first day 🙂


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