Goodbye, P.B.J.s*

My memory fails me for the day I had left India to come to US. I can’t recall how I left my home, my family and friends. I can’t recall how I got used to living here and how Cambridge got used to living me. How the people I met here made all this possible. From a room to a house to a home. How I learnt to love every moment of this time and got so much of it in return. And, yet, today I feel it’s time for me to unlearn these. But I need to make sure that I don’t forget these.

So here goes…

Cheers to all the nights at the Computer Lab and to all the days in the Forum. Cheers to the vending machine snacks and to the friendly couple at Sabra making me Roasted Herb & Veggie Sandwiches. Cheers to the million walks on the River Charles and to the Freedom trail. Cheers to the sleepless nights in the Library and to Pierre sitting with me through those. Cheers to all those people I could go to ICA with and to the movie marathons at Boston Loews. Cheers to Shays and all the cider-filled evenings. Cheers to the fancy Daily Catch and to midnight hops to IHOP. Cheers to the amazing group works and to the groups themselves. Cheers to the many love-at-first-sights and to many more friendship-forevers. Cheers to Pickle back shots and to Kong’s scorpion bowls. Cheers to the Red line T and to South Station gateway-to-the-world. Cheers to the Golden Rule and to the K.I.S.S. Principal. Cheers to Perkins and to all those who let me in. Cheers to the re-discovery of Wine & Cheese and to the Sushi industry in the living room. Cheers for trying too hard to impress Tony Gomez-Ibanez and to learn to do otherwise. Cheers to Blueberry Cheesecakes and to everyone I could share them with. Cheers to the Parker Pays Principal and to Bob Zoellick.  Cheers to the fun-tastic Girls’ night-outs and to all the lovely ladies who made them real. Cheers to the sweet sugar-rush-evenings and to Berry Line for contributing. Cheers to ‘babsy’ and to the nights before the finals making shrimp snacks. Cheers to the ennobling Kennedy School and to all the inspiring people who make it. Cheers to the picture-perfect fall and to the pretty snowfalls. But above all, cheers to the “Majjani” Life in Cambridge and to all those who were in it with me.

For all those who made this life so special, thanks is a word too small. But for now will let that say it all…

Last weeks in Cambridge

* Peanut Butter Jelly Sandwiches – A poor grad student’s staple diet. And yet, yummy!


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