Right to Information Vs. WikiLeaks

There’s one thing to have the right to information, but then it is a whole new extremism to disregard any form of classification. WikiLeaks, for instance, is currently surrounded by controversies as it collects and posts highly classified national information and videos online on the open source. They claim to be “nurturing victims” and essentially “policing the perpetrators of crime”. But that’s them. What if there were similar other sources, with less clear agendas or principles?

I’m a big supporter of the RTI act, but I would not have some information published if it becomes a security threat to the nation or its people. Indian Government is clearly struggling with most of its neighbors. I’m not sure whether medias like WikiLeaks would work the best in our context, where RAW, CBI et al. already have a big challenge to keep themselves undercover. I wonder where to draw the line and who should decide where this line should be?

I urge you all to take this anonymous poll to select the option that you favor the most, just so I get a better idea of what the general feelings are about this.


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