GRAD 4 | Cost Analysis by replacing the Excel Sheet

Project Objective | I had to present the Urban Planning proposal for an eco-industrial project on South Boston Waterfront, MA.  to the City officials who were a part of an academic jury.  While their agenda was to notice that least amount of public money was being spent, my objective was also to show ‘clearly’ how much private investment that could attract in turn.  The aim was to represent financing calculations.

A pertinent but cumbersome Excel Sheet

Description | While such financing calculations on an excel sheet are pertinent, they are cumbersome to present. I prepared the following graphic to represent the Sources and Uses of Funds. ‘Sources’ here show the ratio of public sources of funds to private investment.  ’Uses’ show that every dollar spent by the public sector, private sector can invest 9 (10% to 90%). Moreover, the division of this costing into phases shows that only a small amount needs to be invested in phase 1, and public spending goes on decreasing from there. The diagram also shows money required per phase for acquiring Land, Hard Costs and Soft Costs.

Same information represented as a graphic


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