GRAD 2 | Downtown Boston Urban Study

Project Objective | The aim of the project was to document different parts of Downtown namely : Government Centre, Waterfront, Financial District and Downtown Crossing, and analyze their physical and psychological interaction with each other.

Downtown Boston

Description | The following graphics were made with the intention to visually depict land-use and built –use relationships between the four sub-districts. Each cell represents 1% of the particular land use within the sub-district. These have been placed to represent the real geographical order. It gives an idea of the main uses in the four parts and how the edges somewhat merge into each other, yet the four regions remain disconnected.

Land Use allocation & interaction

The sections (inspired by ) illustrate how the street right-of-ways are not as different in the four sub-districts, but because of the building characteristics like height and set backs, Financial District looks denser than Government Centre.

Typical Street Sections of the four sub-districts

(Special thanks to Hago, Dave & Abe!)


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