GRAD 0 | Graphical Representation and Analysis of Data

Policy making  is informed by good data and pattern analyses. But often this data is so cumbersome that instead of informing, it can confuse its users and may lead to fallacious policies greatly costing the society.  To put this plethora of information to good use, we must find ways to explore, relate, and communicate the data meaningfully. I insist on – a. collecting the right data required for answering the right questions, b. represent it such that it helps revealing the correct problems, and c. analyzing this data for other relevant insights.

In my 2 years at the GRAD school, I continued to insist on the same. In the following 4 posts, I will discuss 4 projects in detail to elaborate.

NOTE | While I have been the sole producer of all the graphics in those posts, I do give credit to various people in my teams, faculty members and friends, for their critical inputs at various stages of those projects.  I also give credit to Edward Tufte for being a great inspiration.


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