Buying one-way tickets & dreaming in Hindi… again!

Now that I know it’s real, I can’t contain the excitement to be back! Have waited for this for so long… (not because I didn’t like it here… in fact far from it… I loved it, and I can’t even fathom how I’ll manage to leave this place and this ‘majjani’ life). It can’t be a better time to be in Delhi – Rohit & Sakshi are getting married, Smita & Harsh are getting married, Gitu is getting married, Rinku’s brother is getting married, Commonwealth Games are getting married… ahhhh almost… Everyone wants to be in India now. I don’t know about this “everyone”, whoever it is, and I don’t care. But I know one thing for sure that I definitely want to be there. To a place which has seen me grow, and a place I have seen grow with me. India is in a phase of unprecedented growth, like a 4 yr old who just starts going to school. Can you imagine missing his first day of school? I can’t and I won’t!


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