“4th right from Kaali Mata Ka Mandir”

Welcome to Google maps for India!

While Chatting, Karthik Dondeti and I came up with this thought for how Google maps could succeed in India – where all streets do not have names or the ones that do, don’t have a sign, and the rare few which have a name and a sign, the sign might not be legible. Then what is it that needs no sign or a name, and yet would be visible to help orient? We knew instantly that landmarks fit perfectly well with these requirements, and that they are plenty. It took us no time to think of a whole list of them. We followed it up by categorizing them: ones which are more or less permanent and will not need to be reviewed too often, like temples and other religious structures; and the ones which might need some reviewing in lets say 4-5 years, yet the ones which can make up for great landmarks, like paan waalas and  taxi stands. The next issue would be how to map these for huge areas. Maybe the wiki-way of open sourcing, or holding a competition for people to send in their entries for their respective neighborhoods. Or getting design or urban schools involved. We thought we could make this a real project, and we almost did before we came across this link:


So Google thinks exactly as we do, just a few months faster! So far so good, Google! But have you thought about what you could do for places where houses do not have numbers, and have names instead. Every local or a post-man knows how to reach this place, but would it be possible to locate them on a map? Karthik… Do you wanna… ?!


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