Jabteri aakhein so jayein, or teri yaadein kho jayein, tere tan mein, tere man main, teri dhadkonon main aag lag jaaye…  aur tujhe jaagna aaye“.

When you lose sleep from your eyes, when you lose thoughts from your mind, or when your mind, soul and every beat in your heart is set on fire… is when you will learn to be up and stay up!

– Ali Noor, Noori

Some people have to go through this and much worse, to eventually stand up. I feel the need to do that too – to stand up. But as often as I feel this urge, just as many times I find myself lost. Lost in the plethora of ideas, in the options that I may have, in the options that I wish I would have! But in these moments, I often find myself asking one question – ” What Would Ashish Do” and most of the times, I get the answer.

“The world is flat. You can only reach out and not up!” – Google


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