For months or maybe even years I have wondered – what is it that I really am? What is it that I’d like to be?  What is so integral to my constitution? I might not know the exact answers to these questions just as yet, but after all these years, I think I at least know one thing – I want to be remembered as someone who was always inspired!

Inspired to do something good, inspired to change, inspired to dance, inspired to play a violin, or even inspired to be in love…  I realized just a few minutes ago, how an inspiration can be so ecstatic. That moment is so rhapsodic, that it must be documented and there is no other way!

Every turn in my life, I have found people who have showed me hope, and showed me ways that I never knew before. I have had great mentors and great friends. Strangers sometimes have given so many great ideas. Events sometimes have been unique. Movies, speeches, songs, graphics, or even numbers sometimes! This blog is my way of acknowledging those people, those things and those moments, which are decisive of what I am and what I will be. I’m forever grateful to all of them … for all of them.

There has been a trend lately to blog, and I wouldn’t deny that I didn’t try before (just to be trendy!). But I never knew where to start or how to keep at it. Maybe I just didn’t want to let anyone else know what there could be that I would write about. Maybe it was a defense mechanism. Maybe! But I didn’t realize how much I was letting go by not letting in. Now, I do. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine let me in. She let me be a part of her thoughts and that moment was truly liberating. I learnt that it’s not that difficult to share and acknowledge, rather I learnt that it must be done. I just finished watching Randy Pausch’s ‘Last Lecture’ , and I knew right then that I’m ready to start. Although, he doesn’t talk about writing or thanking. He talks about learning. He talks about living. Right after, I knew it’s time for me to start something and that’s when I knew what I was thinking about.

The name – In-spyral Cafe – came instantly. A few months ago, Ruda and I stumbled upon a café in Camden (London), which was set up as if it were a living room at a friend’s place. Cozy and not crowded. People, from among the guests, came up one by one on to a small pedestal in the corner – to recite a poem, sing a song, or tell a few jokes. Pretty much anything was shared and each of those made everyone in that room, including us, so happy! Everyone was a part of the presentation. Simple space. Good place. Great idea!

And that is the idea. It is to stay inspired and in someway be able to inspire! To enable others, I have to be enabled first and therefore I am…



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